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Black Masterbatches are very common and are required in large quantity. Black masterbatch is used to provide black colour to the polymer or we can say plastic which enhances its look as black is loved by many. The machines which are used in this formation are first usually fed with premixed granules of the host polymer and the master-batch which is important at initial stage. The final mixing then gets done in screw and in the extrusion part of the machine. Sometimes it led to prone effects. Also, the masterbatch can be directly added to the screw of machine as a free flowing solid which is an easier method. We are the leading Manufacturer of Black Masterbatch.

As we know, plastic does no start with any type of colour. The colour which manufacturer looks to make requires additives or pigments to get the desired colour. That additive is known as master-batch. It comes in black, white and different colours. Basically, Masterbatch is a solid or maybe liquid additive which is used for colouring plastics or it may also help in imparting other properties to plastic. We are the supplier of black masterbtches ; we supply only high quality black masterbatch.

The Black Masterbatch is used in the plastic processing industry, such as injection moulding, extrusion moulding and blow moulding process which is due to its performance conductive properties and UV resistance. But it does not matter much, which product you make, the dispersion of carbon black is the main problem that you should look to solve or finding solution for that. Black master-batch is not easy to produce but also not impossible and it has so many benefits the things we use are mostly made up of plastic and to look it more attractive, manufacturers provide it in different colours or shades and ultimately black is one of the best colour that people usually like and find it more attractive than any other colour.

As the most important filler, carbon black is one kind of ultrafine powder that is fluffy and lighter than air. It is really easy to make machines and environment dirty and also it affects workers. However the most difficult situation happens when carbon powder is as finer as it can be which results in more contact points between the aggregates of the carbon black, as a result it creates a stronger cohesion between them. The work to be done regarding dispersion becomes large when carbon needs to be distributed evenly. For example if the density of the particle of carbon black is greater it will conduct better electricity and if it is smaller than it will be highly providing degree of light absorption.

Black masterbatch sometimes acts as backbone of colouring because it is really common colour which is used mostly and has been used world-wide.

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Advantages of Black Masterbatch

  • It produces less of negative characteristics of dyes in synthetic fibre
  • Used widely
  • Helps in saving the cost for various companies
  • Makes the polymer tougher
  • Provides shine to the plastic or make it looks better
  • Easily available
  • It tends to be better for irrigation pipes, agricultural tarpaulins which is there in agriculture
  • Also used for wires, cables, etc.
  • It provides jetness
  • It provides U.V protection
  • It provides thermal stability
  • Useful for coatings, injection and blowing of sheets and films blowing in packaging industry
  • It provides electrical conductivity
  • It provides heat dissipation
  • The amount of waste is reduced when using master-batches for production and specially black master-batch because black master-batch is used widely
  • black-masterbatch

    Use of Black Masterbatches


    Improves the fluidity and gloss of plastic products. It also have High Tinting Strength.



    It is mostly used in Plastic bags, containers, dispensing bottles, plastic parts for computer components, etc.



    It can be used to produce final pieces and improve the properties of product based on ABS


    Normally, there are 2 ways to produce black master-batch which are as follows:

    1. First method – high speed mixer + double stage compounding extruder (twin screw extruder and single screw extruder) + pelletizing system (water ring cutting system and underwater cutting system, etc.)
    2. Second method – kneader mixer + conical force feeder + double stage compounding extruder (twin screw extruder and single screw extruder) + pelletizing system (water ring system, underwater cutting system and some other tools)

    The high speed mixer can only mix simply LDPE/HDPE/PP, carbon black, additives, powder to powder substance but the carbon black dispersion is finally finished by the twin screw extruder which plays an important role in this procedure as it is necessarily required. For filling like different rate of carbon black all you need to do is make changes in the screw L/D ratio of twin screw extruder. But somehow everything has pros and cons and some disadvantages to this method are:

  • All of the carbon black dispersion finished and it is all done by twin screw extruder which makes the quality of the black master-batch low and not better than the black master-batch which is produced by kneader unit
  • This way we cannot fill high rate. Normally it is suggested to use carbon black less than 35%.

  • The kneader mixer can excellently mix the plastic and carbon black and afterwards feeding it into twin screw extruder machine for the second time compounding which helps to get the best dispersion of carbon black. This design can work with carbon black filling rate which can be as great as 50% and even more sometimes and also providing it with best dispersion ability which is necessary for carbon black to create black master-batch. Disadvantage to this method are:

  • Investing in this method is not an easy task it requires much more investment than other method.
  • It requires more energy consumption, which makes it more energy consuming method than the other method which is comparatively low energy consuming.
  • Black Masterbatches Applications

    Black Masterbatches Applications
    Agriculture Black Masterbatches
    Blown Films Black Masterbatches
    Blown Films Black Masterbatches
    Blow Moulding Filler Masterbatches
    Blow Moulding Black Masterbatches
    Injection Moulding Black Masterbatches
    Injection Moulding Black Masterbatches
    HDPE Pipe Black Masterbatches
    HDPE Pipe Black Masterbatches
    Black Calcium Masterbatches
    Extrusion Films Black Masterbatches

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