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DD Enterprises is a leading Black Masterbatch Manufacturer in Delhi NCR, India. Black Master Batches contains 50% of black carbon content which makes it appropriate for usage as a black pigment in so many plastic industries. Black carbon may increase or decrease in the black masterbatches due to particle size. These global black masterbatches are preferred due to special features such as conductivity, UV protection, jetness, high surface area in the end products. We offer top black Masterbatch products for various industries like agriculture, textiles, electronics, wire and cable, automotive etc…
We are trusted Black Masterbatch Manufacturer and our major application areas are blow moulding, injection moulding, HDPE pipes, and monofilaments. We were dedicatedly gathering of carbon Black Masterbatch for Plastic industries. We at capital colours have the difference of being the only masterbatch manufacturer in India with the capability to produce polymer specific Black Masterbatches.


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